Transforming Perceptions

Shivam Developers is a proud conglomerate encompassing a spectrum of business verticals including IT, real estate, healthcare and agriculture. Incepted in the year 1985. We strive to add value to the millions of lives we touch, through innovation and cutting – edge technology.

Leadership Spotlight

Mr. Popat Ghanwat

(Managing Director)

Backed by a rich experience of 35 years in industrial, residential and commercial real estate in and around Mumbai. He also actively participates in land acquisition and profitable liaison with higher authorities. Known for his sharp thinking skills and valuable insight and vision. He envisage a future where Shivam Developers is the ultimate mark of perfection and quality.

Mr. Neelkanth Ghanwat


An MBA with a graduation in Enginnering, he has over 6 years of international business management experience in addition to 8 years of direct industry experience. His key roles of operations include planning for corporate objectives, finance and project planning. His expertise in the sector has given him the edge to handle future decisions exceedingly well.


Mr. Rajendra Ghanwat


A qualified Commerce graduate with an MBA degree. Mr. Rajendra has over 10 years of experience working in the real estate industry. His core responsibilities include project execution, legal and marketing. His vast knowledge and proficiency in multiple sectors are an indispensable asset to the organisation.


To be a leading global conglomerate that delivers superior value to our customers, employees, stakeholders and the society; while being innovative and offering economically efficient solutions.


– To ensure wise investment of our resources in order to develop our core competencies in select sectors.
– To offer reliable and responsible products and services to enhance the overall quality of life of our customers.
– To contribute towards a sustainable development and make a notable difference to the community we operate in.

Progress Philosophy

Our core values play a significant role in our office culture and drive excellence in our work. Whether it is our hiring process or our communication with our team, partner customers or stakeholders, this philosophy helps us move ahead in every sphere

  • Nurturing INNOVATION in every process, product and service.
  • Open and honest COMMUNICATION with everyone involved in our business practices.
  • Excellent QUALITY in everything we do.
  • Inspiring CONFIDENCE and trust in our customers and stake holders.